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The international meeting place for Africa’s logistic supply-chain








The international meeting place for Africa’s logistic supply-chain

Africa is forecast to surpass half a billion ecommerce/e-tail users by 2025 and is expecting double-digit growth in the movement of cargo over the coming years. Transport infrastructure and logistics are the strategic enablers of trade and competitiveness for Africa, and the need for advanced logistics systems, has never been more crucial. 

The Logistic Evolution Africa Forum & Expo 2023 brings together corporate logistics teams and service providers, from key industries such as mining, retail, automotive, logistics, health, and retail from across the logistics supply chain.

The Forum will present long-term strategies to address some of the ongoing the logistics challenges faced by industry, as well as best practices and new technology solutions needed to enhance efficiency for the handling, moving and transportation of goods throughout Africa.

With partnership development, networking, knowledge sharing and project expansion at the heart of the Forum, Africa’s entire value chain actively participates to strengthen collaboration, initiate new projects and partnerships, and implement visionary objectives.

A strategic co-location with Transport EVOLUTION AFRICA FORUM & EXPO

Transport infrastructure and transport logistics are the strategic enablers of trade and competitiveness for Africa

Getting the transport infrastructure right is critical for an efficient logistics supply-chain. 

As African transport networks will be a determining factor of Africa’s global competitiveness in the future, the co-location of Africa’s leading transport infrastructure (TEA) and transport logistics (LEA) Forum & Expos will  present a complete picture in the operating environment, solutions to current barriers and future opportunities for driving trade in the continent.

Showcase your innovative solutions and products to the transport infrastructure value chain!


IN 2023?


240 Exhibitors from 34 countries who are there to grow their sales pipeline and generate quality leads while visitors are there to find the latest solutions to support their businesses.

Strategic conference

50 speakers present in 3 days of high-level discussions across multi-track programme addressing ports, rail and road infrastructure.

Innovation hub

To showcase new hydrogen and clean technologies within the transport sector as well as showcasing operation innovations.

Women in transport awards  (WITA)

500 Attendees celebrate women with the industry that are trailblazer within the transport sector at the annual awards gala dinner.

Technical workshops

40 CPD accredited technical workshops presented in partnership with experts and  industry associations. Free to all attendees.



The international meeting place and exhibition for Africa’s transport value-chain.



Logistics operations, services and management

SCM systems
Port services
Road toll collection systems
Insurance, banks, customs, and clearance services
Stevedoring and cargo handaling
Traffic, transport, and fleet management systems
Health and safety equipment and gear
Freight forwarding service
HR management systems
Brokerage services
Fleet management and consumables (fuel cards

Warehousing, packaging, storage, conveying, and distribution equipment

Refrigeration, heating, and cold-chain management equipment
Lifts and handling equipment
Packaging and unpackaging machines
Pallet inverters and dispensers
Shelving and shelving systems
Fine planning
Security systems
IT security
Building and site security
Manufacturing execution systems
Packaging, cargo protection
Container management
Control systems and equipment
Cargo coding, labelling, marking, reading materials, technology, tools, and systems
Distribution centres, warehouses container terminals, airports
Palletising robots
Production robots
Automated storage and retrieval systems
Warehouse equipment and management
Storage and handling systems
Process control for storage and distribution systems
Warehouse vehicles
Workplace and fire safety
Continuous handling equipment
Conveyor systems and automation controls
Distribution and loading equipment / facilities
Weighing systems
Cranes and hoists
Ramps and loading equipment
Equipment maintenance, Shelf inspection and repair
Order picking equipment

Technologies: hardware and software

IT systems
Blockchain technology
Cloud services and solutions
Telematics and communication
Communications and data-processing systems
New hydrogen and clean technologies
Supply chain software

Vehicles and ancillary

Road vehicles (motor cars, trucks)
Rail carriages vehicles
Maintenance and repair
Filling-station equipment
Electric vehicles
Diesel efficiency solutions

who will you



Cargo owners
Corporate logistics teams from key industries such as mining, retail, automotive, logistics, health, and retail
Logistics companies, freight forwarders and courier companies
Transport companies and carriers
Warehousing companies
Service/solution providers and manufacturers of technologies to the sector


Logistics companies
Head of operations
Business development leads
Procurement directors/managers / officers
Chief engineers
Fleet directors/managers
Cargo owners: retail and automotive
Warehouse manager
Logistics directors/managers / specialist
Import/Export directors/managers
Cargo owners: mining and manufacturing
Procurement logistic directors/managers
Distribution procurement directors/managers
Supply manager and logistic directors/managers
Distribution and material movement directors/managers