Mavis Mhlanga-Mochadibane

Mavis operates the black owned companies Bondoya Vulani Hlayisani Holding T/A BVH Transport Consulting. BVH is an innovative Transportation consultancy that specialises in all aspects of transport planning including sustainable transport, transport data-base development, data collections and surveys, data verification and taxi mapping, stakeholder engagement, management and training

She is current the chairperson of Tshwane Women in Transport (TWIT) which is a member of South African Network of Women in Transport (SANWIT). She has a passion on issues of transformation and empowerment of historically disadvantaged especially women and youth. Through her dedication Basadi Pele consortium was formed and she is the chairperson for which they become shareholders of Bafati trust under PPC.

May 2018 she wrote a submission to Competition Commission regarding a Market Inquiry into Land Use Based Public Transport Passenger Transport Sector, she also delivered the presentation in June 2018. 2017-2018 she wrote a position paper together with Dr Mathetha Mokonyama of CSIR, which she presented in July 2018 at the Sothern Transport Conference (SATC) at CSIR on the empowerment of women in the transport sector value chain lessons for policy and practice. In 2019, she was part of the Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) Organising Committee member.
Mavis. X. Mhlanga-Mochadibane graduated in Baccalaureus Administration Honors (B-Admin Honors). Ex- Deputy Director responsible for administration and Provincial Regulatory Entity (PRE) in the Gauteng Dept. of Roads and Transport. Public Transport know-how (all modes .i.e. Mini-bus Taxi, Buss and Metered Taxi , includes amongst others project manager Public Transport World Summit on sustainable development 2001, Confederations Cup 2009 , steering committee member of the FIFA World Cup 2009-2010. Mavis was involved in research and development of Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) of which she was part of the delegate who toured South America when bench making the best practiced model of BRT. As a researcher under directorate policy and legislation she manage flagship projects.