Palram formed a base for activity in Africa in January 2009, following a strategic decision to strengthen its foothold in the continent. Palram realized the potential embodied in its wide product range and various solutions that are applicable in the African climate and typical local business activities. Palram South Africa was established after merging with the activities of a local company.

Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, the branch offers many services, including warehouse stocking and supply on a large Palram product range which includes polycarbonate, PVC and Acrylic sheets and panel systems, as well as finished products. This range of products helped establish the branch as an important supplier of high-quality sheets for construction, display and other application markets. Customers from across the continent can now benefit from Palram’s production array spread across the globe through a local base who understands their language and their needs. In light of the expanding business in our JHB branch, we expanded our activity in Africa by establishing another branch in Cape Town in June 2012, and Durban in June 2020, which stock and supply the majority of the products utilized in that area.

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